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in Antibiotics - 27 Nov, 2014
by Walter Reyes - no comments

The use of antibiotics in childhood increases the risk of the child developing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), according to a study by Danish researchers. They state that a single course of antibiotics could more than triple the risk of Crohn’s disease. The researchers studied the use of systemic antibiotics in relation to the development of […]

in Antibiotics - 19 Feb, 2013
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Terbinafine tablets have Azelex been approved as a treatment recompense fret fungal infections (onychomycosis). Lamisil leads to the passing of CON the fungal cells that cause onychomycosis, as demonstrated Post about in vitro studies. The course of treatment with Lamisil tablets is 12 weeks over the extent of toenail infections and 6 weeks for fingernail […]