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in Depression - 25 Nov, 2013
Depression makes you older

Depression accelerates body aging process which greatly shortens life.

Dutch researchers from VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam proved that human cells undergone depression are aging faster. The average lifespan of people suffering from nervous disorders was reduced by 5-6 years.

More than 2000 people were involved in studies. Among them were as likely to be depressed people and those who have not suffered a similar illness. Scientists compared the cellular structures of people using telomeres at the end of chromosomes responsible for protecting cellular DNA from all kind of damage. The results showed that people who had been suffering from depressive episodes have telomeres shortened by 83-84 base pairs of DNA than those who are not prone to mental disorders. This means that the biological age of people suffering from depression is 5-6 years older than physical. And the cells contain data about all suffered mental disorders.